Photo Gallery

Blue Spruce Park, November 5, 2023. Plant Patrol volunteers pose with representatives, Paige Gandolfi and Donna Griffith, from Indiana County Endowment, who awarded a grant to Plant Patrol for equipment and supplies. Front row: Paige Gandolfi, Cindy Rogers, Marti Higgins, Ashley Haller, Lauren Ross, Ellen Yerger. Back row: Ruth Frech, Ed Donley, Barb Hauge, Steve Higgins, Ian Livingston, Carson Zadroga, Loren Greene, Sam Trout, Karen Greene, Donna Griffith.
Blue Spruce Park, November 5, 2023. Cindy Rogers demonstrates a Pullerbear for removing shrubs.
Pond Near Smicksburg, August 19, 2023. Volunteers venture out with their kayaks and canoes to pull water chestnut from the first reported infestation in Indiana County.
Indiana YMCA, July 19, 2023. Volunteers learn to identify Tree-of-Heaven.
Blue Spruce Park, September 18, 2022. A volunteer digs out a barberry shrub.
Tanoma AMD Wetlands Educational Site, August 28, 2022. Two volunteers pull out a honeysuckle bush.
Tanoma AMD Wetlands Educational Site, April 10, 2022. Most honeysuckle bushes can be removed by one or two people, but these young men decided to take on the challenge of removing a large well-established shrub. We usually cut these down instead of digging them out.

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