Ed Donley is a private landowner who has been improving the wildlife habitat on his 40-acre property since 2008, including the removal of invasive plants. He presents an annual program on landscaping with native plants for wildlife through Indiana County Friends of the Parks. You can reach him at

Barb Hauge is a PA Registered Landscape Architect, Green Infrastructure Professional, and ISA Certified Arborist who works at UpStreet Architects in Indiana, PA. Barb is continuously educating and learning how to manage for diversity and the health of ecosystems. Removing invasive plants is an interest and with her colleagues assists reclaiming public habitats for native species. Her landscape designs include public and private landscapes, commercial designs as well as education and play spaces. Her expertise includes native planting designs, tree and plant selection, meadow designs, and rain gardens.

Monica Lee is an Indiana University of Pennsylvania graduate with a B.S. in Conservation Biology. Her environmental career began researching population dynamics of pollinators and flowers in NRCS managed timber harvests of PA. She went on to serve two years in AmeriCorps for both Evergreen Conservancy and the Indiana County Conservation District (ICCD). She now works full-time as ICCD's first District Educator. Monica is passionate about climate change, environmental education, and environmental advocacy. Contact her at

Cindy Rogers worked for twenty-five years as a special education teacher and retired as a staff development specialist and training coordinator. She lectures, and guides tours about edible, medicinal and historical properties of plants. She was a board member for 7 years and then president for 1 year of Friends of the Park in Indiana, PA. She is a member of the Herb Study Group of Indiana. She is a founding member of Friends of Yellow Creek Board and a member of Board of League of Women Voters. Cindy joined the Evergreen Conservancy in 2004 and has been the president for the last 12 years with this all volunteer group that monitors water quality, treats abandoned mine discharge and does environmental education. Cindy can be reached at

Ellen Yerger is an entomologist who specializes in insect-plant interactions. She is an Associate Professor in the Biology Department at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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